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Overview of the Project

The existing website was quite dated, focused on users entering the website via a desktop only. There were two key objectives from DPS
1. To have a website where they could do updates themselves without the need for web-admin.
2. Allow members to join online and manage their membership.

Key Features used in project

Below are the key features that were used to complete this project. 

What did we do?

Below are some key highlights from this project. 

The Result

A new new modern website using WiX was created that can be accessed across across all platforms including mobile.

Key pages have been made dynamic so DPS can update these themselves; News, Shop, Membership, Loco Pages.

Streamlined postings by allowing Wix Blogs to be shared to social media platforms without copy and pasting.

Membership Management, allowing members to purchase and self-manage their membership of DPS, to reduce the workload on the membership team.

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